Saturday, January 31, 2009

It's Out!


He did come home from school yesterday with it dangling, but before dinner he wiggled it front and wiggled it back and then it popped out! It's so funny how different Caleb looks without that tooth. But so cute!

The Tooth Fairy did come last night and left a whole dollar. Caleb told me just what he thinks he could use the dollar for: "Ice cream money!" (They sell ice cream during lunch one day a week and he's always itching to get one.)

I told him he could maybe save up all of his Tooth Fairy money and buy something good. He thought about it for a second before replying, "Nah! Ice cream money!" and dancing around the kitchen while his sister cried that she didn't get a dollar from the Tooth Fairy! But that's a whole other post in itself...


Kathi said...

He is definitely not a little boy anymore!! Time flies.....when you are the Nana!

nc quillers said...

You think he looks funny now? Wait till he's missing both of his two front teeth. It's absolutely adorable.