Sunday, January 25, 2009


Those who are acquainted with our dear Camille will testify that she has attitude. She is sweet. She is cute. She is charming. But boy does she have attitude! I thought it was rough when she was two. Four is a thousand times worse.

Yesterday we went to BJs and ended up eating dinner at the Subway there. We went through the line and ordered our sandwiches and everything was good until Rob told the sandwich artist that it was okay to put oil and vinegar on Camille's sandwich. Oh my goodness! If you had heard that girl, you would have thought someone did something terrible to her. She flat out refused to eat the sandwich - or eat any of anyone else's sandwiches - since all of it had some kind of condiment on it. You should have seen her using a baby wipe to try to get the mustard off the olives Caleb donated from his sandwich so they'd be okay to eat. Hysterical.

Anyway, we all finish and then head back out to the car. On the way Camille asks, "Can we go out to eat?"

We nicely explain that we just did go out to eat and now we are headed home. If she is still hungry, she can have a snack when she gets there.

"That's not fair!" she said. "That man was the worst food maker ever!"

(And just to be sure that we heard her - we were so busy laughing at her attitude that she was worried that we didn't hear correctly - she repeated herself: "That man was the worst food maker ever!")

She's going to be a really fun teenager. We can't wait!


Kathi said...

I have no idea where that attitude could have come from....good luck!

Aubrey said...

Dear Camille,

I want you to have a play date one day with me. I'll have fun with my doggie while you're gone. I miss you! I hope you see my dog one day. [That's it, Mama.]

(as dictated to mommy)

After she finished, and I was typing the 'dictated' part - she said, 'don't change my letter, mommy!' I promise it's verbatim. Your post on my blog made me teary-eyed. How dare you split these two girls up! :) Love, aubrey

Christy said...

Amanda, I just found your blog & it's so cute! I'll be checking in!

maicher said...