Monday, January 26, 2009

Customer Service

There is a grinder shop close by here that has the most amazing billboard. It's just a picture of a grinder with the restaurant's information on it, but that grinder is beautiful. A big roll piled high with cold cuts and toppings. Every time we'd drive by I'd drool over it and tell Rob how much I wanted to go try it out.

Finally last week we did. Rob and I took the girls one day on our way to the grocery store. I got this fabulous bacon and mushroom chicken grinder which was terrific. However, we had the worst customer service ever. We were just about the only people in the shop, but the staff still felt the need to hurry us along. Since we hadn't been there before apparently we took too long looking at the menu or something. Anyway, when they finally made my sandwich they made it wrong. They left off the bacon and mushrooms (so much for a bacon and mushroom chicken sandwich, right?). Rob went up to let the guys behind the counter know of the mistake and they totally threw attitude at him, telling him that the way they made the sandwich was the way it was supposed to be. Rob pointed out that since there were no mushrooms or bacon it wasn't the way it was supposed to be. After a minute of debate, the guys rolled their eyes and tossed a couple of mushrooms and one slice of bacon on the sandwich.

Needless to say, Rob was pretty ticked. In the car on the way home he was talking about how we'll never go back and how he was going to write scathing reviews on all of the restaurant review web sites he could find. I suggested that we write to the company, letting them know what happened, and give them a chance to correct the problem. It worked!

This afternoon I wrote an e-mail and not two hours back received a response from the owner himself:

Dear Ms. Rollins:

I am so furious that this was your experience and it will be addressed! Are you able to describe the staff and what time this happened on Tuesday, 1/20? We are known for our good service and product. It's because of feedback from customers as yourself that we are able to maintain this level of service, with the exception of a few. Would you provide me with your address (confidential), I would like to mail you a gift card and I ask that you provide me with feedback on your next experience. Anything info you provide will remain confidential (amongst owners/siblings) and your gift card will be anonymous as well. I apologize for your experience and would ask that you try us one more time.


Now I'll feel okay about going back and trying another grinder. Maybe I'll get the one that's featured on the billboard...

Maybe this one will come without a side of attitude.


Kristin said...

We were at Subway once and the dude in front of us asked for a BLT with just mayo and they gave...a sandwich with only bacon and mayo. He came back in when he discovered it and they gave him a bunch of crap about "you said you just wanted mayo". When he stormed out after they refused to give him his money back, I spoke up. Big mistake. They cussed me out and told me that if I had a problem then I could leave. I noted the names on their nametags, went home, and wrote a letter to corporate. I got a replay the next day saying that those 3 employees were now banned from ever working at a Subway franchise. What is wrong with people?

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