Friday, January 23, 2009

Our Prima Ballerina

Today was Camille's first day of dance class. She was so excited to put on her pink real ballerina leotard and pink real ballerina tights and pink real ballerina ballet slippers and her pink tutu. She even let me pull her hair back (she usually likes to wear it down).

Here she is posing for me before we left for class.

Here is her little dance class. Can you find her? She has the big tutu and the braids.

Here she is doing her "tip toe walk" across the floor.

They also did a short tap dancing portion at the end of class which she liked until she slipped (it's a tile floor, not wood since it's just a class at the Park and Rec instead of a real ballet school) and fell smack on her bottom. Fortunately the tap portion wasn't very long because she insisted I come out with her and hold her hand through it. I'm sure the teacher was impressed with my mad tap dancing skills. Hopefully she'll forget all about the slip by next week and do the whole class on her own.

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Em said...

How sweet!! She looks so adorable!! =0)