Sunday, September 28, 2008

Wedding Photos

Here are some snaps from my sister's wedding a few weeks ago.

Our little family. Aren't we so pretty!

The crazy one. Both of the big kids decided they didn't want their pictures taken. Camille even went behind this tree to pout and hide from the camera. (The wedding photographer got a fantastic shot of her hiding behind the tree's so funny since Caleb is on the other side of the tree smiling like a maniac.) Anyway, this shot happened after we got her to come out from behind the tree but was still pouting. She was so cute about it we all had to laugh! Also, note the Transformers toy sticking out of Caleb's pocket.

The entire wedding party. (I just wish the Best Man wasn't covering most of Caleb's face!)

Mom and Dad with John and Su. Look at how gorgeous my sister is!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


This morning while I was making pancakes I was favoring the girls with my version of Jan and Dean's hit Little Old Lady from Pasadena. When I got to the line, "she's gonna get a ticket now sooner or later 'cause she can't keep her foot off the accelerator," Camille asks, "What's an elligator?" I figured out she meant accelerator and told her that it was another word for the gas petal in the car because it's what makes the car go faster.

"I want one of those!" she exclaimed. Fortunately for me, she was satisfied when I told her she could get one when she was old enough to drive!

Watch out world...only 12 more years until she gets her accelerator!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Getting Beautiful is Hard Work!

What a girl does to get beautiful! We had a busy morning getting ready for Auntie Su's wedding.

Camille's day started with a visit to Papa's nail salon for a pedicure...

(Auntie Su and John gave her pink sparkly lipstick and nail polish...she was in girlie heaven!)
Then a trip to the salon for an up-do.

I told her this one looked like she had puppy dog ears. She was not impressed.

The nice lady doing Camille's hair put it all up in curls. Her hair doesn't hold curl well so I was impressed it was this curly.

The final product.

Isn't she beautiful?

A visit from Rob's family

We've had a lot of excitement over the last couple of weeks, so I'll try to catch up some...

Rob's dad passed away unexpectedly a couple of weeks ago so his family came into town. Although the reason for the get together was sad we managed to have a really nice visit.

Nan and Grandad came up from Florida with Aunt Brenda and Melinda and Uncle Ernie and Aunt Vicky came down from Virginia. Combine that with Grandma and Uncle James and my little family and we had a house full of visitors! Since everyone was going to be here and it was Caleb's birthday week, we had an impromptu birthday party. Everyone chipped in to give Caleb a Transformers bedroom makeover. I'm talking sheets, comforter, blanket, throw pillow and action figures galore. He even got the Transformers movie! The kid was in Transformer heaven!

They also brought goodies for the girls including a princess dress up trunk and a Bella Dancerella dance like a Disney Princess DVD set that includes a dance mat and princess wand. Come on over and Camille can give you dancing lessons!

I made a batch of cupcakes and also tried out my friend Sarah's pumpkin pie cake recipe. I love the taste of pumpkin but am not crazy about the texture of pumpkin pie so this was a nice compromise. It was really good!

Here's some pictures of the clan:

Making crazy faces!

Camille helps Caleb with his presents.

Caleb is exasperated! "No, Chloe! That's my present, not a chair!"

Susan B. Anthony

So Caleb's birthday was Saturday. Since we were out of town the week before visiting my family we did a party there and had another one with Rob's extended family on Tuesday, we had a very low-key day on Saturday. The highlight of Caleb's actual birthday was getting the card Nana and Papa sent. They included six whole dollars - five "golden dollar coins" and one "silver dollar coin." All the kid could talk about for hours was how excited he was about his new dollar coins.

"It's like my dream come true!" Caleb exclaimed!

I took some time to explain to him that his silver dollar coin is a Susan B. Anthony coin. Later that day Caleb and Camille were playing together. I asked them what they were playing. Camille's response? "We're playing Susan B. Anthony. I'm Susan B. Anthony! Wanna play Susan B. Anthony with us? You can be my mom!"

Fun times at our house!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What's Cookin?

Today the girls and I decided to have fun in the kitchen. Here are the girls decked out in aprons and ready to cook! (Chloe loved her apron - really Caleb's apron - so much that she cried when we took it off and wanted us to put it back on her!)

Chloe had a knack for putting the paper liners in our muffin tin!

Camille liked to stir and mix. Here she is mixing food coloring into our cake batter.

Camille decided that rainbow cupcakes are her favorite! Isn't this one pretty?

Chloe liked her cupcake too, but she liked the frosting even better!

(To make these tasty cupcakes, we just mixed up a box of white cake mix, divided it into four sections and colored each section a different color. Then we spooned a little of each into each muffin cup and baked them. We even tinted our frosting so they could be really fancy!)

While we waited for our cupcakes to bake, we played some dress up. Here is Camille wearing her Tinkerbell outfit (that Chloe enjoyed wearing yesterday) and posing like she's horribly grown.

Chloe got to wear this pretty little number...

Chloe is starting to have fun playing dress up with Caleb and Camille. They had her trying on hats and baby princess clothes yesterday and she got right into it. Every time she put on something new she would run to the mirror and check herself out! It was too funny!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Fun in the Sun!

It was nice here so we spent some time outside this morning. Here are some shots of the kids!

Camille's big smile

Camille's big smile 2

Caleb sporting his new Duke hat (nice ears, right?) :)

The girls play ball

Except poor Chloe never gets the ball

She's had enough!

She'd rather have a drink!