Friday, January 23, 2009

The Songsters

Yesterday afternoon the kids played so well together. We all got bundled up and went outside to play in the snow (including their mother who was sporting a pair of snow pants that I must have gotten in junior high or whenever it was that my mom stopped buying snow pants for me). Then, after dinner, Caleb and Camille went into the living room to play. Before I know it, I see Caleb and Camille taking turns standing on the coffee table, waving the stick from our window blinds and holding a card in the other hand. It took me a minute to figure out what they were doing. They were playing singing. Caleb taught Camille the "song" that was written on the inside of an old Christmas card they found. They sang it at the top of their lungs for about 20 minutes. Surprisingly Caleb was extremely unimpressed when I sang it to him this morning at breakfast.

"Mom," he said. "That embarrasses me when you sing that."

I don't know if he's embarrassed at my singing or embarrassed about the song itself. The lyrics are as follows: May the spirit of Christmas brighten your celebration and your life at this special time and always.

I was too late to catch them in full glory, but here they are singing on the coffee table near the end of their performance.


melissa said...

I love that they were singing the actual words in the card. Hilarious!
You can fit into junior high clothes? What the?

Kathi said...

Did you have the pink ones or the blue????

Amanda said...


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