Friday, January 30, 2009

Will it ever happen?

Caleb has a loose tooth. He lost two teeth last year (both bottom middle ones) and neither of them were a big deal. The first one came out when he was vacationing at Nana's and he didn't realize it fell out until it disappeared - they never found the tooth. The second one he let me yank. This third one is a different story.

The thing has been wiggly for a few weeks at least but no one has paid attention to it until recently. Last week in P.E., Caleb fell and bonked his mouth on the floor, loosening his already loose tooth. Since then, he's been wiggling and wiggling it and the stubborn tooth won't come out. And Caleb refuses to let anyone yank it out for him (even though after I pulled the last one he told me it didn't hurt at all).

It's so loose, the thing is hanging on by half a root.

Here's a close up. Not for the faint of heart.

Here he is last night, doing his best to get it out. I'm so ready for this tooth to be out that I promised him a dollar in addition to what the Tooth Fairy brings if he could get it out before bed. No deal. My mom promised him a "golden dollar coin" (his coinage of choice) if he could get it out before bed. Two bucks in addition to the Tooth Fairy's loot. It would have persuaded me, but didn't work for Caleb.

Here he is looking worried that I might yank the tooth out for him. (Or sad when I broke the news that it was bedtime and his chance to pull it out was over, along with the extra money incentives.)

He went to school this morning with the tooth dangling. I hope he doesn't gross out his teacher! He'll be home soon. I wonder if he'll still be sporting his tooth when he gets home...


Kathi said...

I hope the Tooth Fairy Still comes!! I think your message said the tooth finally came out! Did you help or did he do it all by himself...Nana still has the gold coin...there really wasnt' a time limit!

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