Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Chloe really wasn't feeling well yesterday. She wanted to be held or snuggled all day, with the exception of about an hour when she perked up and decided she needed her picture taken too.

It tired her out, though, and she soon crashed. She slept from 4 - 11 pm and then was wide awake and feeling much better.

She's still not herself but he's better already.

Christmas Camille

Who is this cute little girl in the Christmas dress?

Here's a little clue...

It's Camille!

Being sassy!

She wore her Christmas dress to school for their holiday concert.

She has discovered one of the joys of living in New England - sitting on the vent when the air is on so the hot air fills your dress. I think I'm going to use this pattern to make her some flannel nightgowns.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ear Trouble

Everyone in my house has been sharing colds back and forth over the last few weeks. Aside from being all snotty and gross, Chloe woke up this morning a little extra whiny. When I asked her what the matter was, she replied with the following:

"My ear hurt. Someone poke it with a stick."

She hadn't been out of my line of sight so far that morning, plus she was clingier than usual, so I figured it was probably a genuine problem.

Fortunately the doctor was able to fit us in early and Chloe was right. Her ear did hurt. Both of her ears are infected. We got her medicine from the pharmacy and have spent the day at home snuggling on the couch.

Hopefully she'll feel better soon!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Chloe's Baby

Lately Chloe is very into playing baby. She's also into playing pretend friend - so far there have been Sarah (who is our most frequent visitor), two little teeny, tiny boys, and Moe from the Doodlebops. It's pretty entertaining to watch her interact with these friends.

Here is Chloe after Camille's party with the little doll that she commandeered from her sister. You can tell she's using her to play baby!

(She is also sporting "mermaid eyes" courtesy of Auntie Su.)

Birthday Fun

Camille celebrated her fifth birthday a couple of weeks early with a tea party with her friends from kindergarten.

Here are the girls all dressed up in their party finery.

Camille is wearing a dress I made for her. I was going to make a pinafore to go over the top, but she decided she'd rather have the sash instead.

Her friends brought her some makeup, books, toys and really great art kits.

We had star shaped cupcakes with shiny silver sprinkles on them.

The girls also ate a tea party lunch (with finger sandwiches, fruit, vegetable sticks, pretzels and two kinds of juice), decorated canvas tote bags with fabric markers and played numerous games of musical chairs. Camille had a great time!

After the party, Auntie Su pulled out her makeup and gave the girls pretty eyes. Here Camille is sporting "mermaid eyes."

Where did she learn about vanity?