Monday, February 2, 2009

Crazy in Jammies

My kids were a mess last night. Caleb keeps squeezing into these pajamas that are WAY too small - he keeps sneaking them back in his drawer before I can toss them. Camille ended up in Chloe's nightgown (it wandered to her side of the drawer and because of that she was convinced it was hers, despite the fact it barely covered her bottom). Chloe spent most of the evening running around in this little t-shirt until I chased her down and wrestled her into some real pajamas.

Enjoy the craziness!


Kathi said...

Gotta love those outfits!!

Charlotte said...

My kids have that "sneak the outgrown clothes back into the drawer" gene, too. And Joseph always claims any of Matthew's outfits that accidentally make it into his drawer.

googler said...