Tuesday, November 27, 2007

They didn't really say that did they?

My kids have come out with the funniest things lately. Today Caleb got off the bus holding a mysterious black object. When I asked him what it was, he replied, "It's for Chloe when her wrist gets bigger." I asked him to let me see it. "It's a bracelet," he explained. "Amber made it for me." (Amber is the little black girl down the street. She comes over to play sometimes and she and Caleb sit together on the bus.) What was the bracelet? One of her hair extensions had fallen out and she had tied the ends together. So my kid came home with a little girl's fake hair. Nice.

Camille has (finally) decided to use the potty full-time. Hooray! And, on top of that, she has graduated from the little potty to the toilet. We have made sure to give her a lot of encouragement and praise. How much? So much that she feels the need to return the favor. Every time she catches me going to the bathroom, she gets this amazed look on her face and exclaims, "Wow! I'm so proud of you!" It kills me every time.

Caleb has become the little reader and writer at our house. He is quickly figuring out how to sound out words and is able to communicate some thoughts in writing. Today he came home from school with a drawing of a scene from the Gingerbread Man. It showed the old man, the old woman, the boy and the gingerbread man. On the back he wrote (and this is his spelling):
I liket that the Gingerbred boy rund u wa from the old lady and the man and the boy. Yum! Even better was the letter he wrote to my folks this past week when we spent the night at Auntie Gail's house on Thanksgiving. It was all about "Oone Geal" and her "champlne"...figure that one out!

Chloe has reached some milestones too. She sits really well, claps her hands and has almost cut a tooth. She has become very aware of other people and is more interested than ever in talking with people (no real words yet) and playing.

Perhaps I can get the kids to cooperate for pictures tomorrow!

Monday, November 19, 2007

A new 'do

Our day included an impromptu trip to the hairdresser when Camille decided to do this:

(She sneaked into my bedroom and found a pair of scissors in the nightstand drawer - which, incidentally, has a child latch on it...she gave herself one snip, put the scissors back, hid the hair in her step stool and waited for me to discover the damage.)

Since I didn't want it all to come off, we were able to do this, which sort of camouflages the damage, but we're stuck with leaving it down for now. It's cute, but can you say "magnet for lollipop, boogies, peanut butter and anything else sticky, gooey or otherwise nasty"? Perhaps I'll invest in some head bands.

She does look cute, though - don't you think?

Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Rainbow Connection

So today we're outside waiting for the bus to pick Caleb up for school when Caleb exclaims, "I see a rainbow!" We looked up, and sure enough there it was. What a fun surprise!

The kids have been really fun lately. Camille has taken to listening to kids' music on CD since she can run the CD player. After listening to a collection of nursery rhymes and other favorites she decided to sing them herself. This is what I heard: "Papa's buns...Papa's buns...One a penny, two a penny...Papa's buns." When I figured out what she meant to say, I tried correcting her, but she refused to listen to the possibility that it could be "Hot cross buns." So there you have a it...a musical tribute to my dad!

Caleb hit a milestone the other day. He picked up a book (Dora's Perfect Pumpkin, a beginner reading book that my folks sent the kids for Halloween) and read it. He actually read the words, not just made up the story according to the pictures. He is learning how to sound out words which is really fun. It's exciting to see him learn to read so quickly. He loves it!

And Chloe is still working on sitting. She can't stay for too long, but she's got it!

Here are the kids playing outside yesterday. I put Camille to work, as you can see!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Silly Sisters

Chloe loves playing in this doorway jumper. The big kids like to play with her in it.

Chloe being silly

So sweet

And two blurry ones of the sweet sisters

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Sitting Pretty

So these pictures are, again, horribly blurry as I had to shut off the flash to catch Chloe with her eyes open, but here she shows off her new skill.

She's not completely steady yet, but almost. This is my favorite stage of babyhood...when she can sit up to amuse herself with her toys but she can't go anywhere. I love it!