Saturday, April 10, 2010

Playing Hooky

This post is totally out of order, but I just pulled the pictures off the little digital camera and thought I'd pop 'em up here too while I was at it.

Back in March we took a family day, pulling the kids out of school early and took them to a children's museum nearby. We were able to check out a pass from our library (love our library here!) so we got in for free - what a deal!

They had this great water room.

Camille painted me a love note on the wall.

Chloe pumped water into the water table.

Caleb caught a fish.

The kids enjoyed building with various construction toys, petting a bearded dragon, learning about plants, dancing, doing virtual sports, playing computer games, shopping for food...we could have stayed all day.

Here's Caleb hard at work building with K'nex toys.

After the children's museum, we grabbed a late lunch at a pizza place nearby. I tried to post the pictures but I can't seem to get them sized correctly. I'll have to try again another time.

Playing Outside

Spring has sprung! We are so glad spring is finally here, so we've spent lots of time outside over the past couple of weeks.

Isn't this the cutest boy?

He's pretty serious sometimes. (I'd put up pictures of him playing ball, only he was moving too quickly for me to snap a good shot.)

Camille had a blast swinging on her belly.

Such fun!

Chloe decides to belly swing too.

What a sassy kid.

Kids and Daddy.

Egg Hunt

Because Rob had to work all of Easter weekend, we requested the Easter Bunny come on Monday so we could have an Easter Egg hunt in our back yard.

Caleb helped Chloe find some eggs.

Caleb ponders the contents of one of his eggs (jelly beans and chocolate eggs)

Camille found another egg for her basket.

Chloe looks for eggs.

Camille's so excited to hunt for eggs.

Chloe loves jelly beans so much she's drooling!


Rob had to work all of Easter weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) so we kept our Easter festivities at a minimum this year.

Here are the kids and Dad checking out what the Easter Bunny brought before work. (And since Rob has to be out of the house at 6:20, it was E-A-R-L-Y at our house!)

I wonder when the day will come when our children figure the Easter Bunny brings other children candy. Hopefully for now they'll be too distracted with glow sticks, stickers, puzzles, giant pencils, fancy bath puffs, cereal and juice boxes.

Sweet Sisters


Our library here has a pretty large selection of movies that we can borrow, so we've done a fair share of movie viewing this winter. A couple of months ago we let the children watch The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. I should not have been surprised when our youngest refused to answer to her real name for weeks, preferring alternately Lucy, Susan, Peter or Edmund.

One day the girls made some Narnia art. This sign translated:
Dear Aslan,
Peter and Susan made the sculpture.

Trying to display both the sign and the handiwork.

Peter and Susan (Chloe and Camille) pose by their sculpture of Aslan. If you look carefully, this old banana box has a face drawn on it and two plastic ice cream cones sticking out of the top for ears.

Looks pretty lionish to me!

Lego Fun

Caleb has been very interested in building with the new Legos he got for Christmas. While he sometimes likes to build elaborate ships or planes, sometimes we get this:

A band of Lego swimmers!

So proud of his handiwork!