Thursday, August 30, 2007

Kindergarten recap, our hero and the tea party

The verdict is in: Caleb loves kindergarten! Here's what I know so far. His teacher is nice. He sat next to Omar at lunch. One kid in his class has a Ninja Turtle back pack. He went to music today. He played with Shane on the playground. He sat with Peter and Cody on the bus.

I tried to get him to tell me more about his day by asking very direct questions and even suggesting he act out parts of his day like Charades, but he wasn't interested. Maybe tomorrow he'll share more details!

So Chloe was our hero the other day. Yesterday morning I woke up around 3:30 when I heard her crying over the baby monitor. When I went to get her I heard a funny noise, like someone had left the shower running. I tracked it down to the kids' bathroom, stepped into the room and felt something cold and wet on my feet. My first thought was that the toilet was overflowing, but thankfully that wasn't it. None of the faucets were turned on, but there was a water sound coming from under the sink. A pipe had busted under the sink and so I had to wake up Rob to have him come fix it. A turn of a wrench later and at least the water was shut off. Thank goodness Chloe woke up when she did. Otherwise we'd have woken up to a house full of water!

Here's the hero herself.

Last Saturday I treated the kids to a tea party using Camille's play princess tea party dishes. We had cookies and milk "tea" - I definitely won the best mom award for that one! Here are Caleb and Camille in their "tea party clothes."

And here's a funny picture of Chloe from the other day. I don't know what she was thinking about, but she was working so hard it made her hair stand on end!

And one more for the sake of cuteness:


Kerri said...

Chloe is too cute! I love her hair! Oh and I feel you wanting to know EVERYTHING!! Tyler is still too young for school, but sometimes I just wish there was a nanny cam in the nursery so I could watch him interact with the other kids and teachers! You know they are completely different kids when Mom isn't around!

Auntie Su said...

Is Caleb wearing the couch to the tea party?

Amanda Rollins said...

Kerri: I never quite know what Chloe's hair is going to do. It's curly - or as curly as her short hair can be - so sometimes it sticks straight up, sometimes it goes flat. It depends on what the big kids to do it and how much they touch her head!

Su: He is wearing his tea party clothes. It's some big poncho type thing that I sewed real quick about a year ago for dress up clothes. The neck is ripped and he was really excited to show me after the tea party that he could get it off by pulling it down his body since the neck was now so big. No wonder it ripped! We have a severe lack of boy dress up clothes that don't involve swords. Sometimes we have to just make do, even if we look like a couch!