Thursday, August 23, 2007

Today's Good and Bad

So the kids have had one of those days where they play nicely for about fifteen minutes and fight not-so-nicely for the next fifteen.

Here are a couple of things that have helped stretch the fifteen nice minutes into 30 or more.

The Oriental Trading Company catalog. Thanks to Mr. Todd, our mailman, for delivering today!

Peep and the Big Wide World videos, courtesy of Auntie Su!

A decorate your own crown kit I bought for 20 cents at Michael's this week.

A quick list of things kids have fought over today:

Who got the bigger banana. (Followed by a tantrum because the garbage was too full and Camille's banana peel kept falling out when she tried to throw it away. Mom had her hands full of baby and wouldn't get up and take care of it just then and Camille didn't want to put it on the counter and wait until later to toss it.)

A house made of pillows and couch cushions. (Caleb was building. Camille apparently knocked it down. I was in the other room. I heard screaming. I ignored screaming. I got up when I heard, "If you keep crying, I'll keep hitting you.")

Camille's grapes. Caleb ate all of his and she hadn't touched hers yet, so why shouldn't she share, right? (Or so he thought.)

And it's *only* one thirty! I wonder what the afternoon will have in store.

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