Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Someone's been reading our blog!

It's you! We know you're reading our blog. Come on, 'fess up!

Here's your chance to see your name on our blog, all of you who have been harassing me to mention you by name.

Leave us a comment - let us know you were here!

(Just click on comments under this entry to see the comment form.)

We can't wait to hear from you!


nelsonjeneen said...

Amanda, Don't worry I read your blog every week. I just don't have time to comment. But I love to hear things about the family!!!! They are darling.

Anonymous said...

You know I read your blog....and wait for new pictures!
Love, Mom

maren bosley said...

I love keeping up with your fam and your fun kids!

Marie said...

Hey Amanda,
I read your blog ALL THE TIME. So much so that when you call me I already know what is going on with you and have seen the pictures. So we should really talk more about me, because I don't have a blog. :)Or maybe I should just get a blog too.

Uncle Keith said...

Okay you caught me..... I look at your blog to see how things are going... I love to see pictures and read what the kids are doing.
Uncle Keith

Kerri said...

You caught me. Of course I read your blog! It is just too cute.

Your kids are hilarious!

Auntie Su said...

Your children are funny.

Anonymous said...

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