Friday, August 3, 2007

The dancers, the sneaks and their baby sister

My kids love to dance. Today the music of choice was The Temptations. Here they are dancing with each other. They made me sit in the chair and be the audience. Apparently I don't dance well enough to keep up!

Then Camille decided she'd rather dance with her pink ballerina dog. It worked out okay since Caleb wanted to practice some of his ninja moves with wooden spoons he swiped from the kitchen.

Lest you think spoons are the only things that have been swiped from the kitchen today, here is Caleb eating a cookie he grabbed when he thought Mom wasn't looking. Note his need to hide.

Other items that the kids tried to sneak include gum, a water toy that was in a high cupboard, a glass vase filled with colored glass stones (I found that under Caleb's bed) and library books into their beds during rest time and bed time. I am going to make it a point to check under beds every day, especially after I heard Caleb tell Camille that she should hide things under there so she won't get in trouble. (Oh yeah, I also found a sheet of address labels under Caleb's bed.) I'm not sure what the obsession with hiding things is these days - is that a normal almost-five year old thing to do?

On a good note Caleb and Camille have been playing very well together lately. They spent hours yesterday playing Ninja Turtles - Caleb was Leonardo and Camille was Nettie, the pink Ninja Turtle that Caleb made up.

Chloe has managed to keep out of the line of fire during these games, except when the big kids decide they need to lavish her with affection. She's a very good sport.

Here's a picture of the girls yesterday watching Baby Einstein while I tried to get dinner going. This was the first time I purposely sat Chloe in front of the tv, lest anyone think I am purposely trying to raise couch potatoes from birth.

Here's Chloe blowing spit bubbles. They're kind of hard to see, but they're there.

I'll have to take some better pictures of Chloe tomorrow. I only seem to remember to take out the camera these days when she's sleeping in the sling and it's really hard to take pictures of her when she's stuck to me!

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