Saturday, September 1, 2007

Delouse the House

We had some friends over to play today. Well, if you consider blood sucking parasites friends. I discovered head lice on Camille. What a treat. She must have caught it from nursery because it's been the only time she's been around other kids in the last couple of weeks (I know, we don't get out much). Anyway, we spent a busy afternoon - three full hours - washing with lice shampoo and combing out the nasties. And then washing all of the bedding so we don't have any further cases.

What does lice look like? Good question. Here is a picture I grabbed off the web. This is not my kid, nor did my kid have that much lice. Thank goodness!

If you see this, run - do not walk - to the nearest drugstore and get some lice shampoo.

(*I have taken down this photo to please my squeamish mother. Simply do a google search to find this picture again.)

Is your head itching yet?


Kathi said...

Been there and done that! with YOU!
Not a pleasant task but remember, they like clean heads better then dirty ones, so it could be a compliment!


Kerri said...

One of my strongest memories of growing up was when my sister and I both got lice at the same time. I can still vividly remember my mom brushing through our hair with a fine tooth comb each night trying to find and kill (with her fingers) all the lice. I also remember the shampoo we used smelled too much like the family dog's shampoo. I hope technology has improved and there are easier and sweeter scented methods to get rid of them now. It is making me itch just thinking of it!