Monday, August 13, 2007

Picture overload

Prepare for picture overload:

Here's Chloe the other day in the most darling little dress. Some day I'm going to be able to take a good picture of her in it. Maybe when she learns to sit and I don't have to prop her up.

We spent a couple of hours on Saturday at the Library Story Time Picnic. They held it at the big park in town and had food and playtime and even a face painter. Here is Caleb with his face all done.

This would be a turtle in the ocean. (The guy couldn't do a Ninja Turtle, so this is the best we could do.)

Here is a snake.

This would be two greenish-blue hearts on his forehead.

He did these one at a time, with lots of time in between. Somewhere between face paint 2 and face paint 3, Caleb decided wearing a shirt was not something he wanted to do. While he insisted he needed a face paint on his forehead, I tried to make an argument for getting one on his chest or his back even - like a giant fake tattoo - but he was so not interested!

What he was interested in was doing art when he got home. This week I had picked him up a foam visor (Camille got a princess crown) and I decided Saturday afternoon was the perfect time to decorate them. I pulled out the foam stickers - stars and dinosaurs - which the kids enjoyed, but I got extra great mom points for breaking out the puffy paint. Remember that stuff? You can use it to make 3D art on t-shirts and whatnot. My grandma was real into it in the mid-90s. Anyway, I have a ton of it that I got super cheap at Michael's back in 2000 and I've been carting it around with me for the last seven years (much to Rob's dismay) thinking it'd be useful someday. Oh, did my kids have a heyday with it!

Here is Caleb hard at work.

Camille putting the finishing touches on her crown.

Camille actually did most of this by herself. Caleb gave her the idea to put the little stars on the points of the crown and I helped her with the puffy paint when she needed it, but she did all of the design herself. Not only was I impressed, but Caleb was as well. This is what he had to say about it: "Wow! Camille, that is the most beautiful crown I've ever seen!"

So here are two very scary pictures of my children in their new head gear.

It's hard to tell in these pictures, but Caleb did some very elaborate puffy paint art. He drew a boat (the boat he and Daddy used for canoing several months ago), a shield, some weapons and a baseball ring.

Here are a couple of pictures from today:

Chloe playing in the swing

Caleb and Camille reading nicely together

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