Friday, August 24, 2007

A Recipe from the Master Chef

Caleb loves to cook. I've been thinking about letting him help me more in the kitchen. Here is a recipe he concocted this morning.

For some reason we were talking about chicken feet over breakfast. (That's one of the joys about living in the south. Our local Piggly Wiggly sells such delicacies as chicken feet, pig feet, souse, pork brains...) Anyway, I asked Caleb what he would do with chicken feet. "Should we make chicken feet soup?" "No, I don't like chicken feet soup." "Should we make chicken feet stew?" "No, I don't like chicken feet stew." "What should we do with it then?" "Hmmm...I know! We could make chicken feet pie!" "Chicken feet pie? How do you make that?" "It's easy."

Are you ready? Write this down.

You need "all the chicken feet you can get." For our family that is 4 packages - "one for me, one for Camille, one for Mommy and one for Daddy. Chloe can't have any yet."

Chop up the chicken feet, preferably in Mom's kitchen aid mixer. "When we find the bones, we stop the mixer, put our hands in and pull the bones out." What do you do with the claws? "Chop the claws out with scissors." What's left after you take out the bones and the claws from the chicken feet? "Leave the skin and the meat." (Because we all know there is a lot of meat on chicken feet.)

Then, once the chicken feet are all chopped up, put juice on it. What kind of juice? "Whatever juice we have. Like apple juice."

What then?

"Wait for it to dry. Leave it out in the mixer. Then you eat it."

That's it? Don't you have to cook it?

"Oh yeah. We do cook it. Cook it for 12 minutes at 250 (degrees). Then wait for it to cool. When it's cool you put muffin cream on it. Or frosting or sprinkles. Whatever one we want to do best."

What is muffin cream?

"The cream you put on muffins." (Duh!) "I like sprinkles best."

How do you serve it?

"Scoop it out of the mixing bowl. Put the leftovers in the fridge and heat it up in the oven when you want more."

Did you get that? Be sure to make it and let us know if how tasty it is!


Kerri said...

He is pretty clever to come up with a recipe and everything!

Arthur's family love chicken feet. When I first went to a Chinese restaurant with them, they ordered some just to see my reaction. Thankfully they didn't make me try it, but it is a delicacy in Chinese cooking.

Kristin said...

John had to eat chicken feet on his mission. Not something he ever wants to do again. Ranks right behind cow stomach soup.