Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Rhinestone Cowboy

Camille got herself dressed this morning. Apparently she was a fancy cowgirl.

She decided the rug would be her horse (I tried to convince her it looked more like a magic carpet, but to no avail). When I went to snap a picture she cried, " out. I'm going to run you over!" Nice kid.

But that's not all she can be with that outfit. Here she and Caleb model their "wrestling costumes".

Here she looks like she thinks she's on Dancing with the Stars.

Some brother-sister love

And here's a couple of Chloe for good measure.

Playing in the swing (she was smiling until I pulled out the camera...go figure).

Tummy time


Kristin said...

Hilarious! I love the wrestling costumes.

Kathi said...

I just love those little sweetie pies! I want to snuggle them all up...put them on the magic carpet and send them to Nana!! Love...

Sasha said...

Funny children!)))