Monday, December 22, 2008

Snow What Fun!

Between the snow on Friday and the snow on Sunday, we have more snow than the kids have ever seen (at least at our own house)! We spent a long time this weekend out playing in the snow.

With the exception of the hassle of putting on snow clothes (at some point my kids have got to learn the right order to put on's really hard to put on snow pants if you're already wearing snow boots), we had a blast!

Even Daddy has fun in the snow.

Chloe tries to catch snowflakes on her tongue.

Camille skips and runs through the snow.

And Caleb plays the good Samaritan and shovels our neighbors' driveway.

After we all came in from the snow, I snapped these pictures of my rosy-cheeked little kids! Aren't they cute!


Morgan and Emily said...

I LOVE the rosy cheeks. I'm so glad that you're enjoying CT!!

The Robinson Family said...

I cannot believe how grown Caleb looks in this picture. Has he grown a foot since you left? Please send some of that snow to NC.