Wednesday, December 31, 2008

One Kid Wonder (or My Slave Child)

So after our trip to Vermont to celebrate Christmas with my side of the family, we left Caleb and Camille for a few extra days to visit. Rob worked most of the time and I did my best to get the rest of our boxes unpacked and our house put in order.

Some may think that it should have been easy to do, especially only having one kid with me. Chloe, however, is the one child we have who needs to be underfoot about 99% of the time. While Caleb and Camille will happily play alone in their rooms for hours (when I'm lucky!) Chloe has to be Mom's shadow. So I put her to work.

I made her shovel what was left of the snow.

Then I made her vacuum Caleb's room with this teeny tiny dustbuster.

(Actually, she wanted to shovel the snow and having her use the dustbuster was a genius idea for keeping her occupied while I used the real vacuum cleaner.)

She was such a good sport that I rewarded her with stickers. She was very proud of herself because she put these stickers on her shirt herself. As you can see by the following snapshots, she has now mastered the art of the fake smile. Congratulations to me for having three kids who smile dopey for pictures (just like their mother)!


Auntie Su said...

I'd like a slave child too. Do you rent her by the hour?

Kathi said...

You'll have to play Cinderella more often!
Check out to see what adventures Caleb and Camille had.