Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Santa came and filled our stockings last night.

We had presents under our tree.

Everyone was excited for Christmas! Chloe was the first person up, waking Mom up at 6:00ish. We came downstairs and breakfasted on Froot Loops found in Chloe's stocking. This kept her quiet until the big kids woke up. It's funny how excited they were about what they found in their stockings - small boxes of breakfast cereal, juice boxes and fruit snacks (all things we don't have routinely around the house).

Here the kids are in front of the tree.

Chloe enjoyed opening her own presents this year.

Camille loved this new tutu from Grandma! (It looks remarkably like Mommy's first ballet costume.)

Caleb was our gift tag reader, making sure the right people got the right presents. Here he takes a break to open one of his own.

We enjoyed a quiet day at home, complete with lots of playtime (the big kids spent lots of time playing with their new Leapsters) and a big meal. Rob was forced to admit that I make a better turkey than he does. He made a killer stuffing, filled with sausage, apples and cranberries. I fixed a cranberry cheesecake and a cherry berry pie. There's nothing like a big, nice meal to celebrate a holiday!

Merry Christmas!

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