Monday, December 22, 2008

The Big F-O-U-R and S-A-N-T-A

Camille turned four on Saturday. When she requested pancakes for her birthday breakfast I borrowed this tradition from my friend Maren and made pancakes in the shape of fours for her. Here she is in all her early morning birthday glory...I think she's saying, "Mom, I wanted five pancakes!"

Her other breakfast choice was a yummy white chocolate covered pretzel!

Here she is in awe of her new Barbie styling head. Who wouldn't be excited at a Barbie head in a box?

We didn't have a party for her (mostly due to the giant heaps of snow we got both on Friday and on Sunday) so we're going to do that next Saturday at Nana and Papa's. Auntie Karen is making a My Little Pony cake and Camille can't wait!

We did make a trip out to our church's Christmas party and had a visit with Santa Claus.
Caleb's not sure what to make of Santa...

He's not sure what he wants for Christmas

But he knew he had to (try to) smile to get Santa's treat bag...

Camille did a little better. She told Santa she wanted a Barbie.

Then hugged him when he said he could maybe manage that.

Chloe did not want to go see Santa, although she kept pointing in that direction and looking interested in something by him. We had the following conversation:

Mom: Chloe, do you want to go see Santa?
Chloe: No! (shaking head)
Mom: Are you looking at the Christmas tree?
Chloe: Yeah! (nodding)
Mom: Do you want one of those candy canes on the tree?
Chloe: Yeah! Yeah! (nodding enthusiastically with her eyes open wide)
Mom: You have to go see Santa if you want a candy cane.
Chloe: (squirms out of my arms and heads to the cookie table where she helps herself to a M&M cookie, eats the M&Ms off it and hands me the sticky, gross cookie remains.)

Maybe next time I'll let her go get a candy cane!

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