Friday, December 5, 2008

My Holiday Surprise

So Rob had to spend the last two weeks out of town (that's what happens when you move without having the time to find a new job where you're going to be living) and to our extreme happiness and joy he (finally) came home on Wednesday! (It was a long two weeks without him.) Anyway, he decided to treat all of us to something special. What did we get?

The kids got a trip to Auntie Su's house where they decorated Christmas ornaments, went to the park, watched a movie and played Uncle John's guitar.

This is what I got (starting from when I woke up with three children crowding our bed):

Breakfast in bed (that I'm pretty sure the big kids didn't spill as they went up the stairs!)

A series of train rides on New York's finest subway system (I had forgotten how much I love riding the subway.)

A visit to the New York Public Library (does my husband know me or what?)

The chance to see the tree and people ice skate at Rockefeller Center and hear some Salvation Army Bell ringers sing Feliz Navidad in lieu of ringing bells.

The chance to be stopped by a very friendly and funny guy who claimed to be collecting money for some charity. (Our brief conversation was worth the few bucks we slipped him, plus we got a winter hat out of the deal. Since I didn't have a camera, that'll be my souvenir!)

The chance to see where they were filming a movie (thanks to Rob who was brave enough to ask Wardrobe #5 what movie it was - Confessions of a Shopaholic, a Sophie Kinsella novel I've yet to read.)

Some real authentic New York pizza (yum!)

A visit through Chinatown (I love all of the markets and stores that sell "restaurant supply"!)

The best cannoli on Planet Earth (that's what the sign said! I've decided from now on I'm going to seek out and try all of the best things in the places we travel. It was a really good cannoli.)

An visit to an open air Christmas market in Central Park (it satisfied my need to go to a craft fair for a while.)

A performance of the Nutcracker at Lincoln Center! (It was amazing!)

I told Rob if that's the treatment I get when he has to be out of town, maybe he should go out of town more often! Seriously, though, I got the royal treatment yesterday. Honey, you're the best!


Charlotte said...

Wow, that sounds like a lot of fun. What a sweet guy. Good luck with job hunting!

Amanda said...

The good news: Rob did find a job up here. He starts on the 22nd. The best part is that it should only take him 20 minutes or so to get to work, ending more than three years of commuting at last an hour to work. We are all excited to see more of him!

Morgan and Emily said...

Wow! What a hubby! I'm glad to hear that your enjoying the North East... Morgan's actually applying to UCONN, so we may end up that way too - who knows!

Yankee Girl said...

I'm jealous and I need a cannoli.

maren bosley said...

What a day!!! And what a thoughtful husband for planning it!