Monday, December 1, 2008

The I Gotta Go Doll

So we were in the store the other day and passed by a display of Baby Alive dolls. Baby Alive is a terrifying baby doll that acts like she's alive (duh). She eats, drinks, and goes potty. For some reason, Camille thinks this is the greatest thing.

At least twelve times today (it could have been more - I stopped counting after that) Camille mentioned this doll, known to her as "The I Gotta Go Doll." She told me she wanted it. She asked me if she could get it. (I said maybe for her birthday or Christmas, both of which are coming up soon. She suggested it should be a Halloween present. I love her sense of time.) She asked if when she was six and Chloe was six if I would get them the I Gotta Go Doll so it could teach them how to go potty. (Although I hope by the time Chloe is six everyone will have long ago figured out this potty business.)

My cousin was over today and Camille gave her a dramatic I Gotta Go Doll performance. Apparently, according to Camille, this doll says, "I've got to go potty. I'm going to poop and pee in the potty." She also does a lovely dance.

I need to stop taking Camille in public. We don't have TV here yet so it's not like she actually saw a commercial for this baby so I'm not quite sure where her over-enthusiasm for this doll has come from. I hope she's not too disappointed when she learns that Baby Alive is not on my list of things to buy for her birthday or for Christmas.

My sister summed it up well: "She already has one of those. Her name is Chloe."

Okay, so I have been informed that there actually is a doll called the Gotta Go Doll. Perhaps Camille did see the commercial somewhere because I found this little clip on Amazon and it looked just how Camille had acted it out. It's considerably cheaper than Baby Alive, but I don't think she'll be getting this one either. I just can't bring myself to get my kid a peeing baby doll.

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Kathi said...

She might have seen it at Nana's house.