Monday, November 3, 2008

Doctor or Nurse?

My big kids decided tonight that we should all play doctor. Camille was the doctor, Caleb was the nurse, Chloe was the patient and I was the patient's mom (a real stretch there...) Well, I soon realized that Caleb is horribly biased. He informed his sister that the nurse was in charge at his hospital because nurses are much smarter than doctors.

Camille, not phased by this in the slightest, turned to me and said,

C: Mommy, let's pretend that you're the sick kid and I'm the grown up doctor taking care of you. I am older than you.
M: You are?
C: Yes. You are two and I am sixteen. No. I'm fourteen.

Maybe Caleb was right. If the doctor is getting younger by the minute, maybe the nurse is smarter! :)

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Charlotte said...

Doctors (and teachers, and missionaries, and kids' parents on TV) are all getting younger! Haven't you noticed? It can't be that I'm getting older. I feel the same.