Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Who Are You Voting For?

So Caleb's first grade class has been talking a little bit about elections. It must be a very little bit because this was our conversation after school yesterday.

C: Mom, who are you voting for?
M: Who am I voting for?
C: Yeah. Are you voting for James Madison or Duke?

Several months ago Caleb and Camille went with Rob's side of the family to watch a football game between Duke and James Madison. Every once in a while Caleb will bring it up out of the blue and talk about it for a while.

I realized at bedtime that his teacher did share quite a bit about elections with the kids because after I tucked him in he called me back to ask if I was voting for McCain or Obama. Thursday's homework is to write down facts they've learned about elections so I guess I'll learn then what Caleb learned!


Marianne said...

Don't you love the way kids' minds work. Caleb is a cutie!

Charlotte said...

If only those had been my options.