Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Playing Cinderella

It's been challenging trying to keep the girls busy and out from underfoot while I unpack and organize our new house. Today I put them to work.

Camille worked hard today (for about forty five seconds) getting our back door spotless.

Chloe was hard at work reorganizing the silverware. She did it several times today, trying to get it right. She might be a perfectionist (or just silly enough to think our silverware makes great toys). I just found our cabinet latches and will put them on as soon as I dig out the right tools to install them.

Today at the store I bought myself a pair of rubber gloves to wear when I wash dishes and clean. They're one of those fancy pairs - pink with a fancy cuff on them. Camille thought they were just the fanciest. She wanted to wear them and was disappointed when I told her that only the person washing dishes could wear them. So she decided she wanted to wash the dishes. She washed two bowls for me. Then she told me that she wanted to do all of the work for me. That way I could just "play, play, play." Sounds good to me. In my dreams.

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