Tuesday, November 18, 2008


So our new house has a set of stairs. A fairly large set of stairs, but they are carpeted which is very comforting since we have a young toddler in our family. So when she (or the other kids) fall down the stairs, at least they'll have a fairly soft (bumpy) way down until they get to the very bottom.

The good news is that tackling the stairs was Chloe's first goal in our new house. She takes every opportunity to sneak up (or down) the stairs. And since they're carpeted sometimes we don't catch it right away. This morning I was alerted to her climbing up the stairs only because there was an unfamiliar bumping noise. She was taking her bucket of plastic food upstairs so she could bring Daddy breakfast in bed (or make him play with her...you choose). I wish I had been closer to my camera. The look she gave me as she paused to see that I was looking was priceless - for just a second or two before she continued on her way.

I'll post some pictures shortly. Perhaps after I get a few more boxes unpacked and it doesn't look like a complete disaster in here.

Speaking of disasters, here's a joke the kids have been telling:

Caleb's version:
"What did one tornado say to the other?" (Let's do the twist!)

Camille's version:
"What did the witch say to the tornado?" (Let's do the twist!)

(I don't get her version either.)

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Kathi said...

I like this version much better, but you forgot to update the pictures!!! Where are the babies sitting on the stairs????