Thursday, November 6, 2008

I'm Dying! I'm Dying!

I totally wish that I had a video camera out to capture Caleb's last performance. While waiting for his dinner to be ready, he decided to take Chloe's beans off her plate and throw them across the dining room. Then he decided to tackle Camille in her chair. I decided that he didn't need to be in the dining room with us and that he could eat after we were done.

Instead of going to his room as instructed, Caleb decided to sprawl on the floor and scream, "I'm so hungry! I'm starving! I need food! I'm dying! I'm dying! I'm so starving that I'm dying! I just need food! Food! Food! I'm starving! (This went on for about two and a half minutes, but I think you get the drift.)

That poor kid. He was happy and fine and playing five minutes before but all of a sudden he was dying of starvation. I guess being naughty takes a lot out of a kid!

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Anonymous said...

Consistency and patience!
Its the behavior that needs correcting...followed by love!