Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Festivities

Here's what we came up with for tonight's Trunk or Treat. I was determined to not buy any costumes this year, so we had to make do with the contents of the dress up bin.

Here are the girls, so cute together.

Chloe was a little ballerina. She refused to put on Caleb's old dog costume or Camille's old ladybug costume - I guess she just wanted a costume of her own! - so I remembered I had this tutu that I started making for her last year. I finished it, put it on her and she started twirling around! It was too funny! Needless to say, Camille was quite pleased with her choice. Chloe got really into trick-or-treating tonight. She was a pro at handing her bucket to the candy givers and smiling sweetly. She didn't manage to say "trick or treat" but did a pretty nice "thank you."
(Actually, she just smiles and nods for thank you, but it does the trick!)

Camille went wearing her flower girl dress from Auntie Su's wedding. I was thinking she could be Odile from Swan Lake, but seeing as she didn't want to be the bad girl she decided to be a fairy instead. (Note the wings on her back.) Please be sure to note her fancy "curly" hair. I put it in braids while it was wet from her shower last night and she was ecstatic that it was "curly like Mom's and Chloe's!" Anyway, here she is being silly. I think she's doing some magic or something because she was mimicking the magician on Sesame Street with her own little twist, "A la peanut butter and honey sandwiches!" She thought this was so funny she was practically in hysterics!

And here is my dear little boy. Caleb decided to wear his spider man costume this year, only it was pretty snug. He couldn't wear pants underneath it and the legs were total high waters, but he was okay with it, so I was too. Here he is!

Caleb had fun trick or treating, but especially enjoyed bobbing for apples. (I'd call it "bobbing for germs" only the people running it told me they did put a little bleach in the water to make it less gross and germy!)

Caleb was determined to get an apple. It took many tries and at one point I feared he'd drown before he bit one!

But he got one at last!

Eating his spoils!

Maybe my kids need to practice more at home. This is how I prefer bobbing for apples!


Charlotte said...

Your kids look great. Good for you for beign creative with what you already have. I have boxes of old costumes and still make new ones each year.

Hands down, I prefer the eating of doughnuts on a string over bobing for apples. (I like the idea of not using water, though)

Tieky Torch said...

I love the costumes! They're so creative! You're so talented Amanda!

Missy said...

So cute, loved the costumes and the kids looked absolutely adorable!