Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Funny Moments

My kids say the funniest things. This morning the kids were watching Reading Rainbow and it was the one where LeVar Burton did the episode on slavery, showing a pair of shackles and telling the kids all about slaves being brought from Africa on giant ships. Caleb was full of questions about it. Why did people have to be slaves? Why were they in handcuffs? Why did they have to be on that ship? This was my favorite, said about 20 minutes into the show:

"Mom, did I ever come from Africa on a ship?" When I answered that he did not, in fact, ever come from Africa on a ship, he questioned, "How do you know?"

Trust me, kid. Mothers know these things!

So then at lunch today, we were deciding between having canned peaches and canned pineapple. (We're moving this weekend and are trying to eat our food stores in the cabinets so we don't have to pack them and move them.) Caleb, having learned all about elections last week, took charge:

"Who wants peaches? Raise your hands." (Camille, Chloe, Caleb and I all raised our hands.)

"Who wants pineapple? Raise your hands." (Chloe raised her hand, but only because she was told to, and since she already voted her vote didn't count!)

"Okay...that's four votes for peaches and zero votes for pineapple. Looks like peaches are the winner! Peaches for President!"

(After that, we had to elect our family president. I got to be family president with Camille as my vice president. Chloe was elected family bodyguard. Caleb declined running for any office, claiming they were just "too hard.")

After that he asked this gem, "Mom, why do we have chins?"

M: Good question. Why do you think we have chins?
C1: I don't know.
C2: I know! I know why we have chins!
M: Okay, Camille. Tell us. Why do we have chins?
C2: To protect our faces from wild animals!

This is how I caught Camille wearing her socks the other day. Note the heel is sticking up on top, not even close to where it should be!

Here is Camille playing Cinderella. That's one of her favorite games to play. She gets to be Cinderella. I get to be the mean stepmother. I figure it's okay because I tell her what jobs to do and she does them. It's kind of a win-win for both of us! Here she is wiping the play gym down after she and Caleb decided to smear mud all over it. We let it dry and the next day Cinderella cleaned up the mess!

This little kid is so crazy! She's super busy all the time and LOVES to get into everything. You can tell here from the expression on her face just how mischievous she can be.

But so sweet too!

Poor Caleb looks worried. Is Chloe up to something or did all of that hard thinking today make him anxious?


Kathi said...

They are just the sweetest, cutest kids ever! Can't wait to see them.

Charlotte said...

Yoour kids are so funny! Good luck with your move.

Tyler & Katie Rice said...

umm ... thats prety much hilarious. i hope when i have kids they are comedians. just like yours. and good luck with the move!