Thursday, October 23, 2008

Chloe's Surgery

Chloe had her surgery this morning. We went in at 5:15 and she went into the OR around 7:15. Everything went well and she was back out in less than an hour.

For those who don't know, Chloe has urinary reflux and they did a procedure to help fix that. (Google Deflux if you're really interested.)

She was pretty groggy waking up from anesthesia, but was pretty okay within an hour or so. She was really mad that she had an IV in her arm and she actually tried to rip it out in PACU, right after she woke up.

Chloe kept busy in the recovery room running the water in the sink and pushing the button on the television remote. I kept busy making sure the water stayed in the sink and she didn't push the nurse call button.

She was able to eat and drink pretty well after surgery - drinking almost 8 ounces of apple juice and a couple packages of crackers - so they took the IV out and sent us home around 11:00.

She is fine now, though a little tired and out of sorts. She ate her lunch well (including part of Rob's bowl of lentil soup which none of the kids would touch last night for dinner) and is going down for a nap right now. We do not anticipate having any problems. Hopefully this will fix the issue for good!


Kathi said...
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Heather said...

So glad things went well! That had to be hard for you guys.

Em said...

Hope she continues to get better! My sister-n-law Sonja had that as a child and unfortunately there was no quick procedure to cure it then. Glad Chloe is doing better already!!! =0)

Chazzie said...

I'm happy to hear Chloe and the rest of you are doing fine. I love to keep up with your cute family through your blog.