Thursday, October 2, 2008

Why I should plan my outings more carefully or Our trip to the Halloween store

So today Rob and I took the kids on an outing to town. We visited the farmer's market, hoping someone would have brought in some apples. (I'm determined to pick up a bushel of apples somewhere and start my fall baking as soon as it gets cold - below 70 would be nice.) There were no apples, but we did find some green beans (that Camille picked out because she LOVES green beans!), some tomatoes and some persimmons. I've never had a persimmon before, but they're delicious. They're a fruit, kind of orange-yellow in color, sort of resembling a short, squatty tomato. We all really enjoyed eating them.

After that, we took the girls to the pet store and I ran to the craft store for a few odds and ends (including thread...I took out my sister's wedding quilt - that I obviously didn't finish before her wedding! - to work on it and found I was almost out of thread). We went to lunch at a pizza buffet and then headed next door to the Halloween store.

I should have thought more carefully about whether or not it would be wise to take the girls to a store with so much icky stuff - giant scary skeletons and what not - but I wanted to look at the kid costumes. Anyway, we're walking through the store and Camille's getting all excited about the princess costumes and the other costumes for kids and Chloe is dancing to the music, having a grand old time. Anyway, then we see the rack holding the fake bums. Camille thought these were hysterical! She kept shouting across the store, "Daddy, come and see these bums!" (And if you heard her, rather than just read her words, you'd realize how hysterical she was!) If that wasn't bad enough, under the fake bums were the sets of fake boobs. Chloe saw them and made a beeline for them, pinching the nipples to see if she could get any milk from them. Yeah...the girl needs to be weaned!

The girls had a fantastic time and were very sad to have to leave because there was so much stuff to look at. When we got in the car I asked Camille what her favorite thing in the store was. "The fake bums!" she exclaimed. Then I asked her what she wanted to be for Halloween. "I can wear my Snow White dress," she started. "I can wear my Snow White dress with one of those fake bums! Wouldn't that be funny?"

I'll have to see if I can come up with a better option for her!


Jami said...

Amanda, that was absolutely hilarious! I think the bums would have been a big hit with my kids, too. Good luck with that costume for Camille!

Charlotte said...

At least she didn't want to be snow white with the fake boobs . . .