Friday, October 10, 2008

Today's Highlights

5:00 AM - I woke to the sound of Caleb watching TV. Apparently he decided it was time to get up. I gave him a banana and instructed him to go back to bed when his show was over. I went back to bed.

6:10 AM - I woke to the sound of Caleb and Camille fighting over the Scooby Doo board game. I separated them and went to pack Caleb's lunch.

6:40 AM - I went to tell Caleb it was time to get dressed for school and found him wearing Camille's pink Princess t-shirt with the purple sparkles. Camille agreed to give it to him for his play shirt.

6:42 AM - I put a pan of macaroon muffins in the oven, hoping they'll be cooked in time for Caleb to eat one before he left for school.

6:45 AM - I found Caleb wearing his gold uniform shirt over the pink t-shirt. I managed to get him to take off the "new, favorite undershirt" by asking him if his friend Ronnie would make fun of him if he wore it. Apparently Ronnie would.

6:47 AM - Caleb tells me that he likes his black Lightning McQueen underpants best. Why? Because he can't see poop on them.

6:48 AM - I tell Caleb if he does a good job wiping then he will never have to worry about poop on his underpants. And proper hand washing isn't a bad idea either.

7:05 AM - I scramble to find Caleb something to take to school for breakfast because the muffins aren't ready yet. I settle for a bag of dry mini wheats cereal and find a bottle of milk.

7:12 AM - I pull the muffins out of the oven, wrap a hot muffin in a paper towel and shove it in Caleb's bag as he runs out the door to catch the bus.

7:13 AM - The girls and I stand at the door and wave to Caleb as he gets on the bus and the bus drives away. I shout "I love you!" and Chloe repeats it, "Ya yoo!"

8:32 AM - I am finished both with eating breakfast and cleaning the kitchen. I even scrubbed off the stovetop and wiped down the counters. I am feeling very ambitious.

10:00 AM - I finish folding laundry and watch the girls play a fun game of "fetch away." Camille sat on one side of her closed bedroom door and shoved stuff underneath for Chloe who sat on the other side. As soon as Chloe grabbed it, Camille would "fetch it away" leaving Chloe empty handed.

10:15 AM - The girls and I dance to the music from Walk the Line. Camille shows off her best moves. Chloe copies said best moves.

10:32 AM - I finally grab a shower, after first putting Chloe in baby jail (the playpen).

10:52 AM - I take some time to work on my quilt since Chloe is still happy in baby jail. Camille amuses herself by throwing toys to Chloe in baby jail.

11:55 AM - The girls and I eat lunch, taking two breaks to change dirty diapers. Always nice to have lunch interrupted by poop.

12:15 PM - The girls go down for a rest time and I get ten minutes of quiet before Camille pops her head around the corner and starts asking what I'm doing.

1:45 PM - Chloe figures out how to drag a chair over to the fridge to dispense her own water. Too bad she didn't put a cup underneath.

2:30 PM - Caleb gets home from school and is happy because he had a great week and got a ring pop and a Halloween bat ring from the treasure boxes at school.

3:00 PM - I suggest Caleb play with Chloe in the baby jail so I can get more sewing done.

3:02 PM - Baby jail playtime is over because Caleb wanted to give her high-fives through the mesh. Said high-fives turned into punches and kicks. Caleb sent to room.

3:15 PM - Neighbor girl rings doorbell and wants kids to come play. Gladly!

3:20 PM - I see a tiny frog in our dining room. I call Caleb in to catch it.

3:22 PM - Caleb decides to put the frog in the frog habitat he got for his birthday.

3:29 PM - Caleb finds another frog.

3:35 PM - We talk to my dad and wish him happy birthday.

3:40 PM - Caleb plays with frog - dancing, kissing and putting it inside his shirt.

3:41 PM - I tell Caleb to take the frog from his shirt, not to kiss it and to either put it in the habitat or let it go.

4:12 PM - Camille get a fire ant bite. The world might end. At least outdoor playtime ends.

4:55 PM - I serve yogurt for dinner because I'm sure it's something all of the kids will eat. I no longer bother cooking for children who would rather have their food plain, separate and boring. Yogurt and cereal are my current specialties.

5:15 PM - Caleb announces that breakfast is his favorite meal of the day because he doesn't have to eat any vegetables.

5:22 PM - Camille throws a tantrum because she has to go potty but doesn't want to miss the movie (that she's seen twenty times before). Caleb throws a tantrum because he doesn't want to pause it. I solve the problem: "You, go potty. You, wait for the movie to come back on."

5:28 PM - Chloe gets in her pajamas. Only two more to go.

I think bedtime will come early tonight. That's the one good thing about fall. It gets darker earlier and none of my kids can tell time yet so I can put them to bed pretty much whenever I want. Love it!


Marie said...

And somewhere in there you found time ot edit my essays!! You are amazing!

Charlotte said...

I read this earlier in google reader and now it includes the afternoon, too! What a busy day. I think I would have been a little more freaked out about the frog, though.

My kids can tell time now. "But Mom, we still have 2 minutes before bed time!"

Amanda said...

Marie: Oh...and that's not all...I finished sewing the green, blue and ivory strips for my sister's quilt, addressed my Christmas cards and cleaned up after dinner. And it's not even 9:30. Go me!

Charlotte: It was a really tiny frog, so I was more worried that Caleb would hurt it than anything else. I'm just glad it was a frog I found in the house and not a skunk!

Charlotte said...

You've got me there. Actually I think I freaked out more when I found a cricket in the house (mostly because the cricket wouldn't spray me if I screamed)