Thursday, August 21, 2008

Photo Catch Up - Warning: Lots of Photos

Consider yourself warned!

While Caleb and Camille were in Vermont, Chloe commandeered Camille's bike. She loves to sit on it while someone pushes her around the driveway.

Making a cute face

This is how Chloe does a lot of her communicating - pointing accompanied by the necessary grunting to get her point across. We're working on trying to get her to say some real words. Here I think she's saying something like, "Daddy, I want to go over there! Keep moving! I'm not done riding yet!"

Chloe also has a habit of picking not yet ripe tomatoes from the garden and eating them. Yum!

Doesn't this tomato look tasty?

Chowing down!

While the kids were gone, Chloe discovered animals. Here she is watching Baby Einstein's Neighborhood Animals, pointing and making noises at the dogs. I'll have to put up the accompanying video at some point. It's really funny.

She also discovered books. Here are Chloe and Daddy reading one of her favorite animal books.

And the big kids are back! While they were gone, Rob picked up these el-cheapo fake phones from the store. (Chloe is crazy for telephones and we were trying to save ours from falling into her grasp!) Anyway, the big kids found them and sat for probably a half an hour pretending to play video games on them. Are they ready to be teenagers or what? Just look at how Camille is sitting!

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Kathi said...

Thanks for taking the time to put some new ones up! I am so excited to see them. Though it is very quiet here this week, I do miss them! Give them Nana kisses!