Thursday, August 28, 2008

First Day of School

Caleb started first grade on Monday. So far he really likes it. His teacher, Mrs. Spencer, is really nice. She has red hair too, just like Caleb! He gets to sit at a desk (they're arranged in groups of four throughout the classroom) and his set of desks is the Lion Team. This week he has been the paper captain - he has been the one to collect his team's papers and give them to the teacher. A big responsibility. So far he likes first grade!

Something different this year is that the county has instituted a uniform policy. He has to wear khaki, black or navy blue pants or shorts (with no cargo pockets) and white, gold or royal blue collared shirts. Here he is on the first day of school in his uniform. The funny thing was that on Monday, even given the choice of three colors, all five kids on the street all wore gold shirts!

So excited for first grade!

Waiting for the bus with Daddy and Chloe

Chloe wonders where her brother went


melissa said...

Congratulations to Caleb on his promotion to Paper Captain! Our Chloe was wondering where her brother went, too.

Kristin said...

I wish all schools would go uniform-only! I even wrote a paper about it back in Middle school!

He looks so excited!