Friday, March 28, 2008

83 and sunny

It really hit 83 degrees at our house. It was the perfect day for swimming, but we are currently pool-less. We had a small plastic wading pool we bought the first year we lived here, which was just barely big enough for the kids, but it has since met it's demise. The kids removed (and then lost) the nozzle to the hose so we were left with very few options for water play. I let the kids put on their swim suits, though, and filled up a bunch of containers with water and let them have at it. They had great fun for about fifteen minutes.

Here is Chloe in her swim suit. You can't see, but it has a pink flamingo on it.

The most recent attempt at a picture of the three. Rob set up the tent yesterday in hopes that they could have a back yard camp out (they did not), so they had a lot of fun playing inside. Note the death grip Camille has on Chloe and Caleb's lovely face.

Adorable. Is this really my child?

Camille loves having her picture taken. You should see the way she hams it up for the camera - not that we know anyone else who used to do that!

Caleb reading The Sneetches to Camille. He is reading on his own! It has been so fun for me to see him learn to read, and so exciting to see that he even likes to read to his sister!


nelsonjeneen said...

That is soo cool that he can read to her. Maybe that will help with the night time routine and your sanity.
Jill :)

nc quillers said...

That's great that sweet Caleb can read to everyone now. I'll have to agree with Jill as well about the sanity thing. Greyson LOVES books. And although Troy and I don't mind reading them, sometimes we have things we need to do. I look forward to Hollyn learning to read this next year. It will certainly help us out.