Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Excuses, Excuses...and some pictures!

We've been a while in posting for several reasons:
1. Chloe rolled off the bed last Sunday and had a lovely bruise on her face. Since I didn't think anyone needed to see a picture of Chloe with a shiner, I purposely did not take any pictures of anyone.

2. I have been busy reading Harry Potter. For whatever reason I never got into them when I tried reading the first one years ago, even though Rob read the first three and really enjoyed them (and considering he's not a reader, that's HUGE!) I picked up a copy of the first book a couple of weeks ago figuring I'd give it another try and I liked it a lot. Enough that I got books two and three from the library and devoured those as well. After that I read the next four books in four days and then read book seven again. Unfortunately Rob hasn't read the last four books (and it's been six years since he's read the first three) so he's not much for Harry Potter conversation. And he's adamant I not spoil the whole thing for him and reveal the ending of book seven since he thinks he may actually go back and read them all someday. So if anyone wants to talk Harry Potter with me, let me know!

3. I had a conference with Caleb's teacher this week. He is doing so well in school - she says he's like a sponge and she has to keep making the work harder for him so he won't get too bored. She's a great teacher and we're thrilled she's willing to make extra games and create extra activities to keep him interested. She said that she tested him and he's currently reading at an end of first grade reading level, and that she's guessing by the time kindergarten is through he'll be reading mid-second grade. Not bad for the youngest kid in his kindergarten class! Other awesome news is that we've learned that the school cut off date in Connecticut is currently January 1. That means Camille will be able to start kindergarten not this fall, but the one afterward. We are thrilled! We thought she'd have to wait a whole other year, but it looks like she can start before she turns five!

But now all is fairly back to normal so here's a photo recap of the last couple of days.

Rob had fun a couple of days ago giving the girls airplane rides in this old diaper box.

A cute smile on Camille. It's rare that I get one of these on camera. She (unfortunately) has inherited her mother's "fake smile for the camera" gene.

Chloe sporting her first little sprout of a ponytail, per Camille's request.

The girls played dress up yesterday. Camille was Cinderella. Chloe was Belle.

A rare moment where the big kids show how much they love each other.

We call him Caleb the Warrior.

A happy surprise awaited me when I checked on the garden yesterday. The rhubarb that Dad brought for me last year and we transplanted at totally the wrong season did not die! Here it is, popping up out of the ground!

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nelsonjeneen said...

Cute pictures!!! Hey when are you guys moving to Conn? Is it this summer or closer to the fall? I am hoping you can make it for Colette and Daniels wedding so we can see you before we move too. Let me know!