Tuesday, March 18, 2008

You're always a winner...

So today after Caleb got home Camille and I had a race to see who could get their shoes and socks on first. Because I took the time to do a couple of other things, including getting the baby ready to go outside, Camille finished first. Camille cheered for herself triumphantly. Caleb looked at me, smiled and said, "Mommy, Camille won the race. But don't worry - You're always a winner in my book!"

Today Camille, Chloe and I played a funny game. I was getting Chloe dressed while Camille colored at the table. I picked up Chloe's shirt, held it to my head and asked, "Do you girls like my new hat?" Surprisingly, Chloe looked at me and broke out into this huge grin and gales of laughter. So I picked up something else - a shoe maybe...I can't remember what was next - put it on my head, and asked the same question: "Do you like my hat?" Again, Chloe laughed and laughed. We went through several more rounds of this game, using everything I could find in the dining room that would fit on my head, all of which elicited Chloe's laughter. We had a great time and I was super excited to see Chloe's little sense of humor come out today!

So Caleb has gotten over his Daylight Savings Time funk (you know the one where he never wants to go to bed and then fights me when it's time to get up for school in the morning). This morning I woke up (at 6:15) to find him in the kitchen making his own breakfast. What was on the menu? Marshmallows, a candy cane, and a couple of chocolates that I didn't realize were even in the cabinet. Maybe I should teach the kid to use the toaster so he can make a real breakfast.

Camille continues to spend nearly all of her free time drawing and coloring. This week she has moved beyond princesses to mermaids. When I get all of my schoolwork done for the week (I am swamped and should be doing that instead of typing this!) I will post up some of her newest creations. She has changed how she draws hands, gotten better at hair and has developed as an artist (how hokey does that sound!) in just the past couple of weeks. It's amazing! I swear, she's the best three year old artist I've ever seen. She already draws better than I do!

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Kathi said...

Papa and I have been waiting for new news...You could almost write a book! Can't wait to see everybody!!