Thursday, March 6, 2008

From the Gallery

Camille has become our resident artist. She has always enjoyed coloring but now she really seems to love it. She got a giant princess coloring book for her birthday and spends hours at a time (literally) coloring with markers. Today she surprised me by drawing her own pictures on the blank sides of the pages.

Here are some pictures I particularly enjoyed.

This one is one she did a few weeks ago. We call it "The Peeing Princess." Look closely and you will see why. When she colored it, Camille proclaimed, "This is a little girl princess. She had to go potty but she just didn't make it. Poor little princess."

This one is a giant with a giant ice cream cone. Notice the attempt to draw pants on the giant.

A princess and a prince. Notice they both have crowns, teeth and clothes. She drew the clothes by herself (it has taken a lot of practice!)

This is a girl ("guhll"). Those circleish looking things around the dots are her eyebrows.

Two girls and a monster. "This is Frankenstein," she told me.

This is a girl superhero. I think her big ears help her to fly!

This one I liked because the girl is wearing "legging things" on her legs.

To illustrate how well Camille colors, here is a page that Caleb and Camille colored together. He did one half. She did the other. Can you tell which one is which? (Caleb tends to rush and scribble to get things done. Camille is very thorough, almost a perfectionist.)


Little Bro said...

Wow, whoever got her that giant coloring book must have fantastic taste! ;)

Anonymous said...

It is so funny how my girl will spend hours coloring and my older boy hardly chooses to color. Is it a gender thing?