Monday, July 7, 2008

Silly Faces

Chloe makes the funniest faces, and they're all made funnier when her curly hair sticks up all crazy!

Why, do you ask, is Chloe running around the house in just her diaper? Classy, I know, right? Well, she was dressed this morning but her clothes met with disaster when she and Camille went out to play. The poor girl was drenched (but it was her own doing). Here's proof:

This is our old sandbox that is doubling as a wading pool until we get around to buying a new one. We left it open last night and it collected all of the rainwater. I thought we could use it for the garden. The girls had other plans.

Don't you just love Camille's snazzy outfit? She picked it out herself. The whole ensemble was complete when she added her pink cowgirl boots, but she took those off because she didn't want to get them wet.

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