Thursday, July 31, 2008

Chloe the Chocolate Monster!

The other day we were out and about and picked up a chocolate milkshake. Chloe seemed to like it, but every other mouthful she'd let dribble out onto her shirt. Maybe it was too cold? Not sure just what it was all about, but I put a stop to it quickly. There's no sense wasting a perfectly good chocolate shake on a baby who doesn't appreciate it when I could drink it all myself!

See how perfectly pleased with herself she looks!

We've been having fun, just Chloe and I since Caleb and Camille are still on vacation. Chloe has really enjoyed having mom and dad at her beck and call. She has started to do this thing where if she wants to go outside she'll grab our shoes to give us the hint. The other night right before bedtime she decided she wanted to go outside. She gave me one pair of shoes but I didn't budge, so she brought over another. Before I know it, my lap is full of shoes and she's making a beeline for the door! She is truly a funny child. It looks like she has been learning from her brother and sister!


Kathi said...

I guess when you don't know the words putting shoes in Moms lap gives her the hint! What does she want to do when she gets outside?

Amanda said...

What does she want to do? Usually it's something fun like get into Daddy's tool shed and pull out random tools to carry around the yard. Or she'll try to get us to let her ride Camille's bike. Or Caleb's. Or she'll grab the grill brush and swing it around like a sword. Or she'll eat leaves or whatever junk she can find on the grass. She'll try to squash ants. Sometimes she'll play with her toys, but not very often. She likes to climb up and down the stairs. Sometimes she'll play in her pool, but she'd rather play with the water coming out of the hose than the water in the pool. She's really very busy. Too bad it's been over 100 degrees again today and she doesn't understand why we don't want to let her play outside all day!

Kathi said...

Too bad. It was in the 80s here...we played outside all afternoon.