Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Getting Better Again

For those of you who are wondering, Chloe is totally back to normal. She's eating food again (and eagerly!) and drinking from a cup again. You'd never know that she was so sick.

Also, for those of you who are wondering, I had my surgery today. Everything went fine. I am home - I didn't have to stay overnight, which is nice. I'm fairly mobile but really tired. I suppose being up all night two nights before didn't help anything. Rob doesn't have to go back to work until mid-next week, so he's around and at my beck and call.

Chloe spent most of the day with our friends the Finneys, who were kind enough to start babysitting her at 5:30 this morning! By all reports, she was really good there and had fun, but was she happy to see her mama this afternoon! My big challenge is going to be avoiding picking her up for the next couple of weeks. If anyone wants to come over and help out with her when Rob does finally go back to work, let me know.

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maren bosley said...

Amanda! I didn't know you were having surgery. Is everything okay? Hope you recover quickly!