Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Getting Better

Just a quick update:

Chloe is feeling a lot better. She seems almost back to her old self. She has stopped throwing up (miracle of miracles!) and is starting to (slowly) regain her interest in eating.

Personality-wise she is almost as spunky and silly as ever. She is getting better at communicating, although she chooses to do it through pointing and grunting instead of learning to say the words she needs. She knows the words for a lot of things and can follow instructions such as put the shoes on the shelf. Or, come get your Cheerios. But try to get her to name what she wants is funny. She has different grunts - ha, for instance, means hi. Haaa means hat. Her favorite word is "dada" and she loves to talk with her dada on the phone. When we were in the hospital, she pointed to the phone and grunted. I asked her if she wanted to talk on the phone. She grunted again. I asked her who she thought we should call. "Dada, dada."

Caleb and Camille have been playing together fabulously all summer. They have their moments, of course, such as this afternoon when Caleb decided to sprawl out in the driveway, right in Camille's bike riding path. He didn't want to move and she didn't want to go around. So she kept ramming her bike into him and he kept whining about it. Or this morning when they were doing play doh and she wanted to make little play doh balls but he wanted to make big ones. You'd think that was almost a cause for WWIII! I'm just glad moments like this have been fairly few and far between this summer. They have enjoyed being able to play all day and to pretty much be able to play whatever they want. Rob and I like to sit back and see what they come up with to do. It's always something interesting.


Foxy said...

I'm so sorry Chloe has been sick. What a nightmare that had to be. She is so big now. I can't believe she is already walking. Caleb, Camille and Chloe look absolutely adorable and huge in the other posts. =0)

Kathi said...

Glad everything went well! We are keeping busy here...unfortunately, it is raining again today.
Take it very easy and rest.
Kisses to Chloe from Caleb and Camille.