Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Get on the Bus!

Watching Caleb wait for the bus is the funniest thing. We can see the bus come down the street from our kitchen window so on cold or rainy or lazy mornings we just wait at the door until we see the bus before Caleb runs out to catch it. (It picks him up at the bottom of our driveway.) On nice mornings, however, he goes outside to wait - and when all the stars align at our house, the rest of us go with him.

Here are some snaps of Caleb waiting for the bus last week. Please notice his attire. You'll notice on this day he added a lovely pair of dinosaur socks pulled up as far as they'd go. Now that is what we call a fashion statement!

The kid is so excited to get on the bus!

We live at the bottom of a cul-de-sac so the bus picks Caleb up, drives down the street to pick up a couple of more kids and then turn around and head back past our house on the way to school. We like to wave to Caleb as he goes back by - Camille loves to do this and even Chloe gets into it now that she's figured out how to wave on cue!

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Yankee Girl said...

All your pics make me smile. Your kids are so cute.