Wednesday, April 30, 2008


My mom found these adorable dresses for the girls and they were so sweet dressed as twins for church on Sunday.

Camille insisted we give Chloe a little sprout. You can't see it but we even added this cute little diamondy flower clip so she sparkled! I can't wait for her to get some more hair so we can really do her 'do up cute!

Here's Chloe giving Daddy some love.


The Colonel & Princess Sanders. said...

Cute dresses! I love when sisters dress alike. Sooooo sweet!
Your family is growing so fast.
Take care.

nc quillers said...

Too cute. I love Chloe eating Rob's face. It's wonderful having a husband who enjoys the children as much as they do.

nelsonjeneen said...

Oh they look sooo cute!!!!! Rob's hair is getting long. I almost didn't recognize him.