Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Stories by Caleb

The following are some actual stories Caleb brought home from school this week. I have left the original spelling and punctuation. I am not going to copy in the pictures although, take my word for it, they are really quite good.

"I played baskitball. I beet my Dad! Ya! It was fun! Wooo!

"I wocked Transformrs. Oktmis Prim dide. Bumbl bee got to be the next lyter and then thay wun."

"I wont a sord. I wont a spire. I wont a club. I wont a aro and bo. I love wepins."

"I went too the dog wood festubl at my nana's and papa's. I rod on the rollr costr and the faris well and...then I jumpt in the pond."

"I went to the stor. I bot Irn Hid and Bone Crushr. Irn Hid beet him. I love Irn Hid and Bon Crushr!

When I went to the Dentist
by Caleb
I went to the dentist. I had no cavadys. I was helthy. Then I went to the pet sop to get me a cat. I was happy. Then we went home. And then I played with my cat. I LOVE my cat! It was fun. I go to bed with my cat. He plays with me everry day. He is cute.


Marie said...

You have a cat??

Amanda said...

No we don't have a cat! Nor did he get to buy Iron Hide and Bone Crusher at the toy store. As you can tell, Caleb is a master at fiction!

Yankee Girl said...

Oh, I'm laughing out loud here. Thanks.