Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

I have had the most wonderful Mother's Day weekend. I woke up to flowers on Saturday morning (Rob worked late on Friday night and put them out so I'd see them when I woke up first thing). Then I had all morning to myself. I went back to bed for a couple of hours, took an uninterrupted shower (miracle of miracles!), read a book while I ate lunch and then bopped to the store to pick up some flowers to plant in the front of our house. I don't know why I've never planted flowers before. Maybe I thought they were too expensive, but they're really not. I bought some pretty pink and white impatiens and then found the most glorious purple heirloom rose bush and bought that as well. We gave the rose bush to our neighbor, Mrs. Moore, who is quite possibly the sweetest woman I've met. She always remembers my kids' birthdays and gives them Christmas presents and loves them like they're her own grandchildren. She has the most amazing garden each year and I wanted to not only give her something for Mother's Day but also something to remember us by after we move. Purple roses are my absolute favorite - when I was a girl taking ballet and tap classes, my folks would always give me a purple rose after each recital. They smell so heavenly! Anyway, I got to spend the afternoon with Mrs. Moore (and Chloe) while Rob took Caleb and Camille golfing. They spent all afternoon at the local golf course having a great time playing golf (Rob let the kids putt on the green), losing balls in the water traps, and riding around on the golf cart. I'm guessing that it wasn't busy on the course. Caleb has decided that regular golf is as much fun as mini golf.

Today Rob let me sleep in and then he and the kids woke me up with a fabulous breakfast - hash brown casserole, peach-coconut coffee cake and fruit salad - and I was not allowed to lift a finger all morning. Rob took care of the kids all morning, getting them ready for church, and I just had to worry about myself. And they gave me my Mother's Day cards - for some reason this year Rob has been into musical cards, the ones that play music when you open them. This card had Care Bears on it singing a lovely tune about being the best mommy. It was a hit with the whole family, particularly the three kids who all took turns opening it to hear the music. Even Chloe got in on the action - especially funny because every time she heard the music she would do her little bouncy baby dance that I love. Caleb made me a card at school - a cute one complete with fingerprint flowers. Camille made me a Mother's Day wreath at the library story hour last week with Ms. Carol (another benefit of being the only person there!). It was actually quite pretty, paper die cut flowers glued in on a paper wreath frame and tied with a big bow for hanging. And I got lots of Mother's Day wishes and hugs and kisses.

What a day!

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