Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Some cute snapshots from the kids from yesterday.

It's so rare that I catch a real smile on Caleb's face instead of a goofy grin or grimace that I thought I'd lead off with him today.

Camille models the princess crown she made at story time yesterday morning. She was the only one there which is always fun for her. She just loves our librarian, Miss Carol, and enjoys having her full attention!

And here she is having fun making faces in her mirror.

And here are a few of sweet Chloe playing with her little house.


Yankee Girl said...

They really are too cute for words.

melissa said...

Hey, Amanda! I can't believe how much your kids are a perfect combo of you and Rob. Where does Caleb get his red hair? Lucky duck. I have a little Chloe, too! Twins! Hope you guys are well and I'm happy to know where to find you. :)